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Whatever stage you choose to start your  care, you will be seen by me and my team to ensure all your needs are met. 


Being in good health before trying for pregnancy improves your chances of both getting pregnant and having a good pregnancy and birth. 

Taking folic acid for 3 months before trying for a baby, staying active and eating a healthy diet, along with cutting down or stopping smoking and alcohol are all beneficial. If you or your family members have had issues with health which can affect pregnancy, I will work with you to plan the best preparation for a healthy pregnancy.


All antenatal and delivery care will be delivered by me at the Lindo Wing, at St Mary's hospital. We will meet every 4 weeks until 28 weeks, then 2 weekly until 36 weeks and weekly until your baby is born. 

During routine appointments after 20 weeks, I will provide scans to check the growth and wellbeing of the baby. These will be at no additional cost.

In the event that I am unavailable, working in my NHS role or away, you will be seen by one of my experienced colleagues.


After birth, I will support you and your family to go forward into your lives together in the best possible health, physically and mentally. With our dedicated postnatal team, I will ensure all your postnatal needs are met and you feel confident with your new arrival. 

Whether you know your plans for the future or not, we will take a holistic approach to caring for your needs and those of your baby. I am qualified in family planning and can give specialist advice, personalised to you. 

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