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Personalised pregnancy care

I have dedicated my career to improving Women’s Health. I am passionate about caring for women during pregnancy and through their lives as their families grow. I have more than 15 years’ experience in low and high-risk pregnancy care, lead research for healthier pregnancy and provide seamless care before, between and after pregnancy.


I specialise in pre-conception health, maternal medicine, diabetes in pregnancy, labour ward, and postnatal care, including post-birth contraception. I am proud to work in our maternity safety team and in maternity research to ensure our pregnancy services are responsive and accountable and that standards of care at St Mary’s remain outstanding.

          ABOUT Dr Edward Mullins


I qualified from the University of Nottingham and undertook my PhD in fetal growth at Imperial College.


I won a fellowship with Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England, as Editor-in-Chief of her national report into Women’s Health in England, which brought numerous improvements to women's health in England.  


I was awarded a National Institute for Health Research Academic Clinical Lectureship at Imperial College and am currently a Clinical Senior Lecturer at St Mary’s and Imperial College London.


I was seconded to Professor Sir Chris Whitty during the pandemic as a clinical advisor and have led and collaborated in national and international studies of COVID and pregnancy.


My clinical research is at Imperial College and the George Institute for Global Health and aims to prevent the complications of pregnancy. With fantastic colleagues at these and other global institutions, I have been awarded funding from the National Institute for Health Research, charities and philanthropic organisations.

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