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Your consultations and pregnancy care will be tailored to your wishes and needs. 

Pregnancy care

  • Care starting from 7 to 12 weeks onwards £10,700

  • Care starting from 13 to 20 weeks onwards £10,180

  • Care starting from 21 to 31 weeks onwards £9,660

  • Care starting from 32 weeks onwards £9,130

  • Caesarean only delivery £6950.00

For bespoke packages, please email If your care will require additional specialists' input, I will discuss the colleagues I recommend involving in your care. If you have pre-existing conditions which require close surveillance a bespoke package will be discussed. 

Pregnancy care includes all appointments with me, birth and postnatal care and postnatal appointment. You will have a 24 hour service at the Lindo Wing. 

Initial appointment £400, deductible from pregnancy care fees. A deposit will be required to confirm the booking, this will be 50% after the initial appointment. All remaining fees must be fully paid by 34 weeks. In case of a cancelled booking, an administration fee of £200 is payable before 20 weeks and £250 after 20 weeks. Please contact our team to arrange on .


If you have medical insurance that covers the above fees this can be used, or we will support you to claim from this. 

Other Fees:

Anaesthetic, ultrasound, paediatric and hospital fees including blood tests are billed separately and are not included in my fees.

Additional scans can be arranged with a fetal medicine specialist if required which will be an extra cost.

Any blood tests or investigations are also an extra cost.

Pre-conception counselling
First appointment £275
Follow-up appointment £150
Pre-conception counselling can be arranged as a standalone consulta
tion or with your specialist, either in-person or online.


I have been privileged to be involved in the pregnancies and births of women throughout my career.  

I will provide all  your antenatal care at the Lindo Wing, in pleasant surroundings, with the time and space for the best possible experience. 

Pre-conception care


Planning for a pregnancy can seem daunting. Information overload doesn't translate into clear steps an individual can follow for a healthy pregnancy.


A holistic and evidence-based plan for your pregnancy starts with optimising your health and bringing all the services you need together to start your pregnancy journey well.

Postnatal Care


Pregnancy and birth is just the beginning! Getting those first few days and weeks right and making the months after birth as stress-free as possible is my aim. 


Following birth, we will work together to support physical and mental postnatal health and to support life with your baby.  We will discuss your future plans and family planning to put you in control.



The Lindo Wing midwifery team is a dedicated group with years of experience with many happy families.

Find out more about the care they can provide during and after your pregnancy

The team

At Imperial Private Healthcare we are proud to offer a world-leading, integrated team with a wide range of expertise across medical specilities and services.


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